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There is so much talk out there about weight loss and eating. How do you know what is actually true?

And then when it comes to things like stress and emotional eating, it can be even more confusing.

There’s a whole lot of bad advice out there.

That’s why this week on the Thriving As A Physician Podcast, I wanted to go through some of the common myths around stress eating and share a clearer and kinder way forward.

If you’ve been struggling with your eating habits, chances are you’ve picked up a few of these myths along the way. They’re like those heavy bags you’ve been carrying, thinking they’re full of must-haves, when really, they’re weighing you down with stuff you don’t need.

It’s time to let those go.

In our chat this week, we’ll dive deep into these myths. The cool part? Understanding the truth can really change things for you. Imagine feeling at peace instead of fighting yourself over a snack, or enjoying your favorite comfort food without guilt. Sounds freeing, right?

I’ve been right where you are, fighting a never-ending battle with food, my weight, and myself. It’s exhausting. But learning the real deal about my body and what it needs changed everything for me. I want that for you too.

So, let’s get together this week and start letting go of those myths. We’ll replace them with real knowledge and steps that lift you up. Because you deserve a journey filled with ease and joy, not confusion and frustration.

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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