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As we head into the holidays as physicians, our already tight schedules get more cramped.

We have to cover for our colleague’s vacation, hustle to get work caught up so we can take vacation, and then somehow find time to fit in all of the fun holiday stuff too!

It’s no wonder that we often end up reaching the “I just don’t care about my eating, I’ll figure it out after the holidays” stage at some point in December.

Sound familiar?

If so, make sure you listen to this week’s podcast episode: “How to Create Time”.

Time is not linear.

When we wait to find more time, it never comes.
A better path is to focus on creating time for the things that matter to you.

And prioritizing the things you want to do this holiday season at least as high as the things you feel you have to do.

Listen to this week’s episode by clicking here or listening on your favourite podcast player.

And then go out there and start creating time for the things you love.