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This week I released the final episode in the “Create an Amazing 2023” series.

In this series, I invited some of my favourite physician coaches to come hang out with me and share their wisdom. 

The magic that resulted in these conversations could change your whole year.

This week, I had Dr. Sarah Smith, Dr. Ali Novitsky and Dr. Jessie Mahoney hanging out with me.  That’s a powerhouse of physician minds you won’t find anywhere else!

Do yourself a favour and download the episodes now.  Start listening right away.

Then share them with your physician friends.  We all need this information, more now than ever!

These episodes are even “mom approved”…😉

Now click below and start listening!

Want to learn more about this week’s guests?

Dr. Sarah Smith:
Dr. Ali Novitsky:
Dr. Jessie Mahoney:

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