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Cravings.  The Achilles heel of any weight loss plan.  Things can be going so well and you can feel so in control one moment only to be hit by a craving the next.  Those urges to eat can feel so intense and so difficult to resist in the moment!

There have been many times in my life that I have just given in to the craving to make my brain shut up.  I remember thinking, “I’ll just eat it so I don’t have to think about it anymore”.  Personally, this approach to cravings resulted in having some weight loss but feeling stuck and unable to get where I wanted to go.

The impact of responding to these cravings is big!

Mentally, the more you use a craving- reward loop, the better it gets.  Your brain learns that it works and gives it to you more and with less of a trigger. 

Metabolically, if you are following a lower carbohydrate approach to eating and trying to be in a fat burning state, eating sugary or starchy food you are craving can impact the fuel your body is using.  This means that having more carbs can shift your body away from fat adaptation for days afterwards.  If you are doing this regularly, it can really impact your weight loss.

Emotionally, responding to urges to eat is often associated with a sense of being out of control.  It can fuel thoughts about not being able to stick to plans or failures.

There is a solution…

The good news is that cravings don’t have to be like this.  You can learn to experience a craving, not eat and feel fine on the other side.  All without massive will power.  Sound good? It is really powerful and was transforming for me personally.

Listen to this week’s episode where I detail my step-by-step plan for getting through cravings without eating.


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