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Do you ever catch yourself struggling against the restraints of your weight loss plan, wishing for just a little bit of spontaneity?

Me too.

I love being spontaneous.

But my love of spontaneity really created challenges in my weight loss.

I thought healthy eating couldn’t be spontaneous. So when I wanted to break loose from a busy week and do something fun, it always meant overeating.

This topic comes up a lot when I’m working with the physicians in Thrive Academy.

So much of our life is tightly scheduled as physicians that it makes sense that we look for some spontaneity and fun with our food.

Spontaneity is fun.

But if spontaneity always = overeating, it stops you from getting to your goals.

So what’s a fun loving physician to do?

You need to design ways of creating spontaneity that still respect your weight loss goals.

It is absolutely possible.

This is what I have done in my own weight loss journey and teach others to do.

Start with asking yourself good questions.

Consider the possibility that you could be spontaneous AND successful in your weight loss… What might that look like?

In this week’s podcast episode I am sharing the specific tools I use to keep spontaneity in my life & eating. Click here to listen.

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