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What is your most challenging habit?

Maybe it’s the evening snack after the kids are in bed…

Or a glass of wine to relax after work…

Or grabbing a snack at 3pm when you are fading at work…

You know it isn’t helping you reach your goals (maybe some are directly stopping you from reaching them)… but how do you stop when it feels so automatic???

All habits are there for a reason.

Your brain created them to address a problem – it just might not be able to see where they are creating other problems, like weight gain.

Understanding the habit and why it is there is a big piece of starting to change it.

This week in the podcast, I am joined by Dr. Kristi Angevine from the Habits On Purpose Podcast.

Kristi Angevine, MD, FACOG is a board certified Ob/Gyn and master certified life coach. She specializes in helping high achieving women change unhelpful habits into intentional ones. Whether it’s perfectionism, numbing, overthinking, people pleasing, feeling chronically preoccupied with a running mental to do list, or always feeling like there is something to fix, she helps them unpack the root causes of their habits. She has a natural warmth that helps all of her clients feel at ease and have fun while they work on mindset. In addition to master coach certification through The Life Coach School, she is also Internal Family Systems-informed and an Advanced Certified Deep Dive Coach.

You can connect with Dr. Angevine here:

IG: @kristi.angevine
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