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Can we all agree that food guilt sucks?

You choose to eat something because you have a craving or it simply looks good. And then moments after you have taken the last bite… guilt comes in and sucker punches you in the gut <Oof!>

So you wake up the next morning and suddenly the guilt is back like a big thick cloud. Memories of the “horrible thing” you did with your eating the day before… ⛈️ 😞

Dragging this guilt through your day is draining. It takes precious energy that could be used elsewhere.

It really sucks. You deserve so much more in your days. Which is why I recorded a special episode on breaking free from food guilt this week.

Food guilt feels like a given after certain food choices. You may even feel like you deserve it or that it helps prevent you from repeating your mistakes.

None of this is true.

Food guilt is optional.

You never deserve to make yourself feel bad, especially over something simple like a food decision.

And getting tough with yourself is never helpful. Instead, it drives MORE eating which leads to more guilt.

I know these food decisions may not feel simple to you (especially if you’ve internalized food guilt for most of your life). And that’s ok. But you can still work on changing it if you want.

The truth is that as an adult you are allowed to eat anything you want. Regardless of your body shape or size or health conditions. You can eat anything you want. You have autonomy.

Telling yourself you shouldn’t have eaten something and making yourself feel guilty takes away your autonomy. That feels crappy and doesn’t help anything. If anything it blinds you to finding useful information about why you made your food choices.

When you let go of the guilt and honour that any eating was simply a choice, you can start creating real change in your eating.

(I know, I know… some eating doesn’t FEEL like a choice. But it is. And by acknowledging this, you can start going from guilty to empowered)

Taking guilt out of the picture lets you start to see patterns in your cravings, it becomes simpler to “just have one” without sliding out of control. And it makes your days better because you aren’t dragging the guilt alone with you.

Want to learn how to do this? Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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