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Ughhh… All this food is so boring…

If you have ever caught yourself saying that about your chosen food plan, then this week’s post and podcast episode is for you. Concerns about boring food is a big tripping hazard in your weight loss.

Feeling like the food that is on plan is boring is a common issue both my patients and my coaching clients face in their weight loss. If this is an issue for you, it is an important one to deal with in long term weight management.

You don’t have to experience food boredom in order to lose weight.

This is a two sided issue- the practicalities of adjusting to a new way of eating and how we think and view our food.

It’s a Learning Curve

Any new way of eating is a learning curve. Usually, the food we reach for out of habit are not the healthiest choices and may no longer be on the list of options. That’s ok, we just have to give ourselves time to build new habits. New options that are easy and satisfying.

This may take a little bit of trial and error as well as patience. You will need to try new recipes. Try old recipes in new ways. Start to develop a taste for different foods.

Now before you start feeling overwhelmed, please hear this. Let it be simple. There are so many recipes and ideas online, that it can feel like you have to learn SO MUCH more to follow a new plan.

But it can actually be simple. You can change your old favourites slightly to make them work. You can use more of a formula approach in planning meals or creating new recipes. In the podcast episode I give you some specific tips about how to do this.

“Boring” is in your head

The whole concept of food being boring is in our thoughts. It is based on our brains wanting to get some form of entertainment from the food we are eating. And in general, that doesn’t work well for weight loss.

Food is fuel. It can be enjoyable and satisfying. But if you are working on long term weight loss, work on finding entertainment outside of your food.

If we spend our time thinking about all the food we “can’t” have or the food we wish we could have, then the food in front of us will likely feel boring. This is because all those thoughts tell us that the food we aren’t eating would be so much better than what is in front of us.

To combat this, you need to change where you focus. Think about the food you are lucky to be eating. When I started eating lower carb, I was constantly amazed at the types of food I could eat and still be following my plan. (Hello Bacon!). I literally talk to myself about how amazing my salads are while I eat them because it makes me want more fantastic salads.

How can you think of your food to make it more appealing?



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