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Interview with Dr. Silky Bagga

This is a bonus episode for physicians struggling with dealing with the changes to their routines and schedules in the wake of COVID.

My guest this week is Dr. Silky Bagga. Dr Silky Bagga is a doctor and a life coach. Her day job is that of a wound specialist. Yep, she looks at butts and feet for a living- that’s bed sores and diabetic ulcers.

In her quest to figure out how to stop her own bad habit of emotional eating, she became an obesity medicine specialist and a life coach.

Now as a life coach she specializes in helping busy professionals let go of their bad habits- emotional eating, bingeing, procrastinating, overspending, etc.

Her coaching practice is Coaching with Dr Silky and she can be reached at

Click below to listen to the episode.

Now is the perfect time for coaching

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