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Interview with Dr. Bonnie Koo

Bonnie Koo, MD is a board certified dermatologist and founder of Wealthy Mom MD. She empowers women physicians to take control of their finances and create the life they want.

Bonnie Koo, MD is a financial coach for women physicians who want to take control of their money without stress and anxiety.

She blogs at, she is @wealthymommd on Instagram and runs the Facebook Group Wealthy Mom Physicians.

How do your finances impact your weight?

They may seem like completely separate topics but finances and weight are related in a few different ways.

At the most surface level, not knowing your finances or feeling like they are out of control creates stress which can lead to overeating. It also can lead you to take on more work and feel stressed which can then (you guessed it) lead to overeating.

Sometimes these stresses are not immediately apparent. A lot of long term weight management is looking under all the different rocks in our lives and find places that may be contributing to stress and overeating. Finances are one of those rocks!

You may not be saying “I am overeating because I am stressed about my retirement planning”. But you may experience a background level of stress that just feels uncomfortable without knowing why and find yourself eating food you didn’t plan on eating.

How does your weight impact your finances?

Overeating is a form of dealing with uncomfortable emotions for a lot of people. So is overspending. For a lot of people, overeating and overspending are happening in parallel. Both create stress and a feeling of being out of control which ultimately can drive more of the same behaviour.

The other important thing to be aware of is if you just stop overeating without doing the work to figure out why you were eating in the first place, the behaviour can transfer to something else. You may no longer overeat, but now you are spending more money than you planned.

There are so many ways these two topics cross paths that I think it is important to build knowledge about your finances so you can feel in control as you work on your weight. Listen to this week’s episode for great tips from Dr. Koo about managing your finances as a physician.



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