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I recorded this week’s podcast episode the evening before my birthday last week to share my reflections on the year.

And to be completely transparent, it has given me a lot of anxiety ever since. I have thought about completely re-recording it multiple times this week. I worry it isn’t polished enough or I may not have gotten my thoughts across clearly.

I recognize that a large part of the anxiety I’m feeling is because I feel vulnerable about what I shared. And so I’ve decided to leave the episode as is and deal with my anxiety 😁

You see, this year has been a tough one. I’ve been dealing with burnout and have not been on top of my self care game. A lot of the skills that have really helped me over the past years have been gathering dust this year.

I’m working to change that. But it has really made me think about this piece of medical culture that makes it so easy to overwork at the expense of ourselves.

The piece of my brain that wakes up with thoughts of how much work I have to get done and how little time I have has been running the show lately. And it really feels like crap.

And yet it is such a deeply ingrained pattern that I can slip into it without even noticing it.

This week, I encourage you to notice where overworking at the expense of yourself shows up.

Notice the thoughts that make it sound like you don’t have a choice in the matter. Feel how disempowering that is – to feel like you constantly have to be running and don’t have a say.

And notice how this one pattern can trigger so much overeating and feelings of being out of control around food.

It’s time to start taking your life back.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode below.

And then start looking for the places where you do have control in your days. Look for small changes that will have ripple effects in your day.

Everything doesn’t need to change at once.

Me? I’m starting with just focussing on getting back to my journaling habit. Becoming more intentional with my thoughts by putting them on paper. It’s harder for the overworking part of my brain to run the show then.

In this episode.

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