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This week on the podcast I am joined by two lovely physicians… Both Obesity Medicine Physicians and both have a binge-eating disorder.

This is a very special episode because binge-eating is the habit that doesn’t get talked about. One of the hallmarks of binge-eating is shame and regret which creates isolation.

Being a physician with binge-eating can seem like you missed the class in medical school where everyone was taught to eat in moderation. Everyone else seems to be able to control themselves around food…

But here is the thing… many physicians struggle with binge-eating or significant stress eating. You are not alone. You did not miss a pivotal lecture. We just weren’t taught anything about why we eat when we do.

That is why I am so grateful to Jen and Andrea for being willing to speak so openly about their own journeys with binge-eating disorder.

I truly believe the more we talk about this topic, the more we can start letting go of the shame that is associated with it. That is an essential step in starting to move towards freedom around food. The shame and regret (and isolation) are what hold you in the binge-eating cycle.

This is why I’ve added in binge-eating specific coaching sessions in Stress Eating SOS. So physicians who have binge-eating have a safe, understanding community to work on this issue in. So you are no longer alone.

If you identify with binge-eating or just feel frustrated with overeating, be sure to listen to the full interview below.

Get your name on the invitation list for Stress Eating SOS. Doors are opening soon for the Spring group.