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On todayepisode, Isharing my best weight loss tips.  This is the same advice I would give my best friend about losing weight and they are born of my years of experience helping people with weight loss. 

Understand that these tips dont sound like a traditional diet plan, and thats okay! We know from research and evidence that traditional diets dont lead to long-term weight loss. These tips are meant to help you maintain your weight long-term and overcome obstacles in your weight loss journey. 

The main thing to know when approaching your own weight loss is to approach it from a place of love and compassion. Hating yourself thin does not work and only leads to making choices about your lifestyle out of hate. Make those choices out of love for yourself and out of knowing what is good for you and your goals. 

Changing your mindset about how you eat and stay active will help you reach your goals. Accept that weight loss is a process; there is no set timeline. Stand in confidence of your goal and adjust your perceptions of weight loss. Letting go of pre-learnt programming about how difficult weight loss is will make the journey you are taking easier. Above all, love your body now so you can love yourself when you reach your goals. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Operate from a place of self love and compassion. 
  • Make intentional decisions about your eating habits. 
  • Use the numbers on the scale as data, not as defining values. 


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