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How do you want this to go?

When we start a weight loss journey, we have preconceived beliefs about how it will go. Common ones are that it will be hard, that it will take deprivation, that you might not be able to maintain it, or that you aren’t sure if you can even do it. Take a moment to think about what your personal beliefs are.

These beliefs may feel like fact. They may feel like truth because they reflect our past experiences. It must be true because that is how it has always been. Right?

What is a belief.

Here is some food for thought… Beliefs are just thoughts that we have thought for a long time. We think them so often that our brain accepts them as truth and fact. For some, we have been exposed to these particular thoughts from a very young age and have carried these beliefs from childhood.

It is important to pull these beliefs out and have a look at them. Just like a good closet clean out, you will find some beliefs are really helpful and make you feel great. Others will obviously be poor fits and hold you back in your weight loss efforts. Then there will be the sneaky ones. The ones that may feel so factual that you have never considered thinking a different way. Or they will just be under the surface and feel hard to get a hold of to really look at them.

The good news is the more you work at examining your beliefs, the easier it gets to pluck the tricky ones out and really look at them.

Why bother change beliefs?

Beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies. What you send time thinking about will be what you see in your life.

So if you have a belief that you can’t lose weight, guess what… You are most likely going to have a hard time losing weight! If you believe that you cannot resist XYZ food, you will not be able to resist that food.

So often, when it comes to weight, our beliefs are negative and limiting. They hold us back. They trip us up. We make the path harder and longer because of what we think.

You have the power!

As humans, we have the ability to choose our thoughts. This is great news! Because just like there are some beliefs that hold us back, there are beliefs that can fire you up and propel you forward straight to your goals no matter what gets in your way.

All it takes is finding the right thought and choosing to think it intentionally over and over again.

At first, these new thoughts may feel uncomfortable and difficult to believe. It is important to keep practicing them even when you aren’t sure you believe them. Our brains believe what they are told over and over. If you purposefully think the same thought over and over, your brain will start to believe it.

And the reality is, your brain is doing this already. It is already thinking thoughts and believing them as fact. The difference with this is that you get to be in the drivers seat and choose what those thoughts are.

Taking the next steps

So sit down and ask your self what you would like to believe about your weight loss journey. Would you like to believe that it will be easy? Or that you will stay focused on it no matter what gets in your way? Maybe, you want to believe that you are figuring this out for the last time.

Choose a belief that feels powerful and generates positive and helpful emotion in you. Then practice it over and over and see how much you can amaze yourself!


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