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When you are getting ready in the morning, how do you talk to yourself?

When you catch that glimpse of yourself in a mirror during the day, what do you say to yourself?

On a scale of 1-10, how positive are these conversations?

If you scored yourself a 10 (meaning they are always super positive) then you can stop reading.  But if you scored anything less, keep reading.  This is important.

How you talk to yourself matters.  

We have been trained that being tough with ourselves is what creates change.

This isn’t true.

What creates LASTING change that makes your life better is starting from a place of loving yourself now.

A scale number does not create more self love.  It is your thoughts about that scale number.

A clothing size does not create more self love.  It is your thoughts about what it means to wear clothes of that size.

Self love and acceptance is available now.  Regardless of what your weight is.  Regardless of your body shape.  Regardless of anything else you might see as a “fault” in yourself.

You are worthy of loving yourself unconditionally. Today.

Working on unconditional love for yourself helps you reach your goals faster.  And It makes the whole process feel better and simpler.  

Listen to this week’s podcast below to hear about how a recent event brought all of this back up for me.  I share how I am working through it and how to create more self love in your life.

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