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Now that we are at the beginning of February, you might be struggling with New Year’s resolutions. It could be feeling harder and harder to stick to those promises you made to yourself. If you are, this weeks episode will help you simply begin again.

Obstacle and stumbles are expected in a weight loss journey. They are not a sign of weakness or failure. They mean nothing about your ability to reach your goals. Stumbles are simply opportunities to learn which will ultimately get you to that goal.

How do you keep yourself motivated through those periods? Focus on your “why;” have a strong reason why you are on this path. You may not know how you are going to get there, but trust that you will and keep going.

Your mindset can completely transform your journey. If you are thinking thoughts about how you can’t do it, you’ll never reach your goal. The way you choose to think about obstacles you come up against can re-shape the way you approach them. Obstacles are part of the journey, so tackle them believing you can overcome them, and you will continue to see positive progress.

Own your power in your weight loss journey by choosing empowering thoughts about any stumbles or obstacles you encounter on the way. And then give yourself permission to….

Simply Begin Again.

Be sure to listen to the whole episode for more of my tips on simply beginning again.

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In this episode.

  • Having a strong “why” for your journey will help you stay motivated.
  • Obstacles are expected, so don’t give up when you encounter them.
  • Simply begin again.