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It sucks to feel left out of the fun for any reason.

If you have ever experienced this, then you know the deep ache FOMO can give you.

And when FOMO shows up around your food choices, it gives your healthy eating goals a run for their money.

Eating healthy consistently has its own challenges with stressful days at work, unexpected social events etc.

Don’t add to the challenges by cultivating Food FOMO.

Food FOMO is when you are spending more time thinking about (and dreaming about) unhealthy foods you are choosing not to eat.

It also can show up when you start thinking (and feeling jealous) about how some people can eat “anything they want” and still seem to manage their weight.

Time spent with Food FOMO is wasted energy that you could otherwise be using for something that you actually want to be thinking about.

Good news! This week in the Thriving As A Physician Podcast, I am sharing tips to start taking the FOMO out of your healthy eating so your journey feels easier.

Food FOMO is an important topic because if left on its own it…
… Feels like it making healthy choices just has to be this way
… Creates more internal conflict about your food decisions
… Makes your healthy eating journey feel harder

Listen to this week’s episode below to learn how to show up confidently in your food choices without spending so much time thinking about the foods you choose not to eat or what other people are eating.