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Practical Money Tips: Interview with Dr. Latifat Akintade

You may be wondering… “What is a weight loss coach doing talking about money??” Well… Money, eating and weight are closely linked on multiple levels. This week’s topic is a great one for you if you see yourself in any of these… You find yourself snacking when you feel...
Creating Time

Creating Time

As we head into the holidays as physicians, our already tight schedules get more cramped. We have to cover for our colleague’s vacation, hustle to get work caught up so we can take vacation, and then somehow find time to fit in all of the fun holiday stuff too!...

Guaranteeing Your Own Results

Did you know that you can guarantee your own results? Even in weight loss. Let that sink in a bit… because it isn’t what we have been taught. We have all been taught that we don’t have control over whether or not we reach our weight loss goals. And we have been taught...
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