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You are stronger than you think.

You are more successful than you think.

You are more resourceful than you think.

I promise.

Even in your weight loss.

Every single time you have tried to lose weight, you have built strengths, had successes and solved problems that you have never acknowledged.

Now you may be asking how I can be so certain of this… maybe I’m making a sweeping statement that doesn’t apply to you.
But it DOES apply to you (Yes, YOU!)

Our brains are so deeply negatively biased that the story we all get about our weight loss journey misses so many of the important pieces.

It’s why I wanted to talk about the importance of intentionally focussing on your strengths and shifting away from your weaknesses in your weight journey this week on the podcast.

What you focus on grows.

Learning to spend some time focussing on the things that are already working will help you amplify them.

The more you look, the more successes and strengths you will find.

(They are already there, waiting to be discovered)

Spending less time thinking about your perceived weakness means you spend less energy dragging them forward with you.

Understanding how to leverage this in your own weight loss could literally change your whole experience (and amplify your progress). Listen to the full episode below.

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