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An amazing 2022 is within your reach! Introducing the Creating an Amazing 2022 Series.  Join me as I sit down and pick the brains of some of the best physician coaches.

We’ll share our best tips, the places where you may get tripped up and most importantly – how to create an Amazing 2022 in a way that feels good (No resolutions that are destined for failure here!)

In this episode, I am talking to Dr. Sunny Smith (Empowering Women Physicians) and Dr. Sonia Wright (The Midlife Sex Coach).

Sunny Smith MD is the Founder and CEO of Empowering Women Physicians, a multi-million dollar coaching business which places her in the top 2% of female entrepreneurs in the United States.  Dr. Smith is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the UC San Diego School of Medicine.   She advocates for physician wellness through her comprehensive and collaborative coaching program, podcast, retreats and facebook group that seek to change the culture of medicine through normalizing and humanizing the experience of being a physician.  

Dr. Sonia Wright is a board-certified radiologist, a sexual counselor and a certified life coach. She received her education from Stanford University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan. Dr. Wright completed her life coach training from Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School and from Learning Journeys.

Dr. Wright is on a mission to help women embrace their sexuality as well as end the emotional pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties, through The Midlife Sex Coach. She believes wholeheartedly that all women deserve to experience pleasurable sexual intimacy.

Listen to the full episode below so you can kick your 2022 off in the best way.

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