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An amazing 2022 is within your reach! Introducing the Creating an Amazing 2022 Series.  Join me as I sit down and pick the brains of some of the best physician coaches.

We’ll share our best tips, the places where you may get tripped up and most importantly – how to create an Amazing 2022 in a way that feels good (No resolutions that are destined for failure here!)

In this episode, I am talking with Dr. Sarah Smith (The Charting Coach) and Dr. Jessie Mahoney (Pause and Presence Coaching).

Sarah Smith is a Rural Family Physician in Edson and as a Physician Coach she specialises in helping Physicians improve their office efficiency, particularly in the area of completing charting same day and assisting with strategies for getting today’s work done today. Within her program, Sarah also helps Physician Business Owners with team management.

Dr. Jessie Mahoney is a pediatrician, a physician wellness expert, a yoga and mindfulness instructor, and a coach for physicians and parents.  She has over 20 years experience as a pediatrician and has led physician wellness in a large HMO for 17 years.  She facilitates mindfulness and coaching retreats for physicians and is a frequent speaker on wellness and parenting topics.

Listen to the full episode below so you can kick your 2022 off in the best way.

In this episode.

  • Tips to create an amazing 2022 in a way that feels good