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If only …. I wish….. Why can’t I…

How much time do you spend thinking thoughts about yourself and your weight loss journey that start with these statements.

When you are taking action to lose weight, do you wish you were doing something different? Do you wish you didn’t have to be eating that way?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, you are not alone. It is common when losing weight to see the grass as greener on the other side. To look forward to a time when you can go back to eating more of the food you miss.

I did this for so many years. I would commit to following a way of eating but part of my mind was always looking for when I could stop and go back to “normal”. And so I kept going back to “normal” and kept regaining my weight. Over and over again.

Arguing Against Reality

Here’s the thing…. Constantly wishing you could be eating something else or wishing your body handled weight and food differently is wasted energy. It creates stress and struggle in your life. It makes you feel deprived. And it most certainly does not help you on your weight loss path.

All of this is arguing against reality and it can be exhausting. And all that stress, struggle and exhaustion won’t change the body you have, it’s metabolism, how it stores energy and how certain foods affect it.

And your body is perfectly fine. There is nothing broken about how it handles food. It is just your body’s normal. And that is fine.

Try Acceptance

If certain realities won’t change, then choosing to set down the struggle and the arguments about what “Should” be can create such relief in your weight loss.

Years ago, I decided to accept that the standard North American diet just didn’t work for me. I realized the constant pining for going back to normal was seriously getting in my way of long term weight loss.

This acceptance was a turning point for me and I continue to use it.

Acceptance lets any way of eating you decide to follow feel normal. From a place of acceptance, you can watch other people eat junk food and not really care because you accept that it isn’t the right food for you. Acceptance helps you weather the ups and downs of the scale because you accept that it is all part of the process.

Acceptance brings ease to the weight loss process.

Be sure to listen to the podcast episode below to get more tips about how to build acceptance in your weight loss process.

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