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Chances are, like many physicians, you put a ton of pressure on yourself around your weight and eating.

It can feel like you need to get it right the first time.

The diet HAS to work.

Any alternative feels petrifying.

This whole mindset doesn’t help you reach your goals. It slows you down in your weightloss journey.

It can keep you in a failure-shame spiral.

This is just residual diet mentality. And it is so worthwhile letting go of.

What if you had a million chances to figure out that one thing you are struggling with right now?

Endless chances.

How would you show up differently?

What would feel different in your weight loss?

( Do you feel like a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders? Like you can breathe again? )

This is the truth of weight loss. It is never one and done. A successful weight loss journey is made up of hundreds of decisions in any given day.

There is always an opportunity to learn from mistakes and get back to what was working.

You have a million opportunities to figure anything out.

On the podcast this week, I will teach you how to find and make the most of these opportunities. Listen below.