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We all dread being on a diet. Nobody dreams of living her life on a diet.

So why do we keep returning to them again and again when we want to lose weight?

Because we have never been taught a better way.

You have been taught a one note response to your weight concerns.


And when that doesn’t work, try a diet again.

This week on the Thriving As A Physician podcast, I am teaching you a 3 step approach to start taking the “diet” out of your weight loss journey.

The whole foundation of how you have been taught to lose weight is wrong.

Following diets is like sitting in the corner trying to play a plastic recorder and thinking it is your only option to have music. (Did anyone else have to learn the recorder in elementary school?)

In reality, there are an infinite number of ways of enjoying music. Think of just the number of options your phone offers you right now. Thousands of options held in the palm of your hand!

It’s time to start thinking about your weight loss in the same way.

There are thousands of ways you could approach any problem in your weight loss. Yes, trying a diet or restricting is one of them… but it may not be the option you would choose if you truly knew how many other options you have.

In this week’s episode, I teach you to leverage problem solving skills you already have (and use every day) as a physician to generate weight loss plans that you actually want to follow.

(Imagine that! 😁)

Listen to the full episode below or on your favourite podcast player. Remember to follow the podcast so you never miss an episode.

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