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Diet culture has it all wrong.

It has handed us the following values:

👎 Do whatever it takes to lose weight the quickest
👎 Sacrifice is not only required but celebrated
👎 Short term results trump long term sustainability any day
👎 If it is hard and feels uncomfortable, you are doing it right

These faulty values are the main reasons why diets don’t work. The world of diets is literally built on a foundation of unsustainable values.

And let’s be honest – they just feel gross 🤢

If you are ready to learn how to manage your weight and eating long term without always being on a diet, then we need to start at the foundation.

You need a better set of values.

Imagine what it would be like to lose weight from these values instead:

💜 Everything you do to lose weight should make your life better
Doing things that feel restrictive or hard just to lose weight will never be sustainable. So don’t even entertain them as options. There are hundreds of ways you can approach ANY challenge you have. Look for the ones that feel good – and start there.

💜 Focus on changes that take less effort but have bigger impact
Here’s some good news… You do not need to work harder to lose weight. What you need is to put your energy into interventions where a small effort has a bigger impact in your day and your eating.

💜 Start by designing the experience you want
Don’t just focus on the goal you want. Ask yourself how you want working towards your goals to feel. Afterall, once you hit your goal, you’ll need to keep doing everything that helped you reach it… you may as well enjoy the experience.

Want to learn more about how changing your values can transform your weight loss? Then click below to listen to this week’s episode on the Thriving As A Physician podcast.


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