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The stories you tell yourself about how the year went MATTER.

It can feel like you are just reporting the news when you tell yourself about the times you messed up and the goals you haven’t reached yet.

But this is just the inherent negative bias that your brain has.

Just because it feels real, doesn’t mean it is the truth.

One of my favourite New Years traditions is to do an end of the year review.

I walk through how the year has gone and remind myself of everything I have worked on, the challenges I have overcome and make plans for what I want to create in the new year.

This process helps me step out of the pattern of always hustling to move forward in my life without ever acknowledging how far I’ve come.

As overachieving, type-A physicians, being stuck in this hustle is a real risk.

And when you are stuck in the hustle it not only makes your weight loss journey harder, it makes your days feel harder.

So step out of the hustle pattern this year. Start by listening to this week’s Thrive As A Physician podcast episode where I walk you through step-by-step how to do an end of the year review that helps move you towards your goals.

Click below to listen to the episode.

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