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Happy New Year!!

A new year is a great time to reflect on your goals. Some of these may be weight related and some be for other areas of your life. Care for yourself as a whole is such an important part of learning to manage your weight that I encourage you to think of things you want for yourself in all areas of your life.

This week’s podcast is about a system you can use to reflect back on your previous year and look forward to what you want this year. It lets you learn from and celebrate the previous year and focus your mind on where you want to go in the new year.

Propelling yourself forward from what you have already learned and launching towards your goals is the name of the game!

Make sure you listen to the episode below.

How to make New Years reflections work for you.

Let’s start with an important point. No matter where you feel you ended up in 2019, it is okay. Even if you feel you tried and tried all year to get your eating or weight under control but didn’t see the results you wanted. Even if you feel you saw the exact opposite results from what you wanted. It is all O.K.

What ever happened last year has happened. We can look back to learn from it but there is no value in carrying thoughts of failure or blame forward. Learn from it and then move on.

There is always value in our challenges. You may not have seen the results you want yet, but your work so far is not wasted. There are things to learn from what has happened so far. Make sure you spend time thinking about what went well in the past year. If your brain tells you nothing went well, tell it to simmer down and deliberately find some positives. Our brains are very tuned to thing of everything that went poorly but sometimes take some tough love to think of what went well. Now that you have some things that went well, ask yourself these questions. Why did it go well? How can you make sure it keeps working well in the future? How can you get more of this particular thing in your life?

For things that didn’t go the way you want, let’s view them with compassion and curiosity. What can you learn from what happened? How can you do things differently this year? How can you change this aspect of your life from a place of caring from yourself?

Ask yourself the questions above and let them percolate. Your brain is great at giving good answers when it is given good questions!

Now look to the future…

Now take what you have learned from 2019 and use to decide what you want for yourself in 2020. Make your goals things that matter to you for reasons you like. Don’t make goals that other people want you to make. Don’t make goals just because you “should”. Powerful goals are when they really mean something to you. When a goal sparks a “I really want that” response at your core, it will be so much easier to stay motivated and do the work that needs to be done.

If a goal doesn’t immediately stir that deep response, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good goal. It just means you need to spend some more time thinking about why that particular goal would be important to you. What would it mean if you achieved it?

All right! Sit down with some paper and a pen and get working on your new years reflection. Create a road map for where you want to head over the next year. And have a fantastic new year!



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