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Well that happened….

2020 came in like a whirlwind and is officially behind us. But what legacy will it leave?

There are probably some things that didn’t go the way you would have liked in 2020. Maybe your stress or binge eating suffered from the years events. Maybe you gain weight when you had hoped to lose some or reach a new goal.

It’s all ok. Whatever happened this year was your brain being a normal human brain during a pandemic (of which you had no previous experience). So if things didn’t go the way you had hoped, its ok. Normal human brain.

But what you make it all mean and what you carry forward is going to be important in reaching your 2021 goals.

In this week’s episode I am walking you through a process of creating your story of 2020. Choosing a version of your story that creates empowerment, confidence or pride is so much more powerful than the default story your brain will want to tell you about the year.

So listen to the episode below and start crafting your 2020 story that will help lead you to your 2021 goals.

Listen to the full podcast episode here for more details.

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