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What is Your Experience with Goal Setting?

Talk about setting goals is everywhere and I would guess that we have all set a goal or two fat some point in our lives. Some may have worked and you are reaping the rewards of goal setting (for example, the goal of getting into medical school) and maybe some have been more frustrating. Maybe, for some areas you feel so frustrated with your progress that you have stopped setting goals for yourself all together.

So what’s the difference? Are there some goals that you could just never meet? Is the effort you put towards a goal you haven’t reached yet wasted? The answer to both of those is a big fat “Nope!”.

I truly believe you can achieve anything you want in any area of your life with the right tools and the right focus & motivations. I also believe that you can’t fail at a goal until you stop trying. And guess where most of the learning and growth comes from with goals… It’s in the process towards the goal, never in achieving the goal itself. The journey matters even if the journey hasn’t gotten you to the actual goal yet.

How You Set Goals Matters

Part of the reason that goal setting can feel so frustrating is that we aren’t really taught how to do it properly. We get to told to set the goal and be specific and then achieve it. But how do you achieve a goal when you don’t know how to achieve it? What about when the goal itself feels so big and scary that it makes you want to run and hide? How do you even get started?

The answer to all of these questions is knowing how to set a goal that actually works for you.

Setting goals that work in any situation involves more than just deciding what you want. That’s just the beginning. Once you know what you want, you need to create a plan. And that plan needs to take into account all the different things that will get in your way.

This week’s podcast lays out my step-by-step process for setting goals that actually work for you. You’ll walk away with a process that will work in any aspect of your life and get you on the goal achieving fast track! Listen by clicking below.



Achieve all Your Goals the Simple Way

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